Stitching the Moon

Sometime last year, I happened to look up. I myself was in a stitching phase of creativity. As I marveled, I wondered how I could stitch this beautiful glowing moon wrapped in a swath of wool.

It was situated so beautifully amongst deep values of indigo, eggplant, royal purple. Feathery mists encircled the full orbed reflection. Tiny specks of light seemed to shoot out from among the wafting clouds.

How do you stitch that? Could I paint it better? No…sometimes it is best to use materials that belie the reality, and in so doing one might get there, closer to depicting the thing one saw. Closer. But not really. I did a little sketch in pen. Then switched to a needle.

As a child, I heard the beloved nursery rhyme many times and I taught it to  my own children. Searching the origin of this rhyme does not grant an author. There have been songs written along the way that use the words and insert more lines and refrain. But the closest I got to its beginning was that it showed up in English publications around the year 1784. So I stitched this in as well.

In stitching, I love the conversation that happens between thread and fabric, layers of thread, choices of thick or thin, and what to do with the fragment when it’s done. Stitching words around it serve to add more humanity to an otherwise lofty subject. The Moon and all its magnificence gets to be hand stitched in my own hand writing in the shape of a nursery rhyme. Yes. I love this.

I should look up more often!

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