I draw. And paint. I knit and crochet. Sometimes I weave. Lately I stitch. I can feel quite fragmented in my creative life. So these stitched fragments, as I call them, resonate deeply with me. Embroidered stitches are slow in the making. They amble across small pieces of fabric, bits of ribbon and lace, collaged for a painterly surface. This is my life.

Slow stitching in a sure direction across disparate elements, all brought together by an established design.

The designs are taken directly from my sketchbooks. They are images of my ordinary life as a wife and mother living in a small town in North Carolina. In stitching these pieces I feel I’m bringing together my love for life, art, and textiles.

Jennifer Edwards


***Please honor my copyrighted artwork, including photographs, drawings, and textiles, by not copying or using any of it for personal or professional gain.

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