It All Began…

They don’t all begin this way. Some stitched fragments start by playing around with found bits of fabric, arranging them in a fun composition, and then diving right in needle first, just to make marks on the surface. Others have their inspiration from my sketchbook, a watercolor, a drawing, or collage. This one started with a doodle in the margin of my writing journal. One never knows when something might leap out of your pen. I would do well to always keep it ready, hovered over paper.

Though my stitched fragments begin from different places, they all share this in common: I have no clue where they are going, or what will come next. This is actually what I adore about hand stitchwork, or at least how I like to approach it. I want the piece to evolve. I am not interested in the process nearly so much if I know exactly how the piece will wind up.

This is probably why I do not work from kits. Mind you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with an embroidery kit! It is simply that I lose interest when I know the outcome, colors, design and all. I love the mystery, the unfolding, the listening to the materials as the story unfolds, responding to this color, that stitch, the fabrics, the textures. An enchanting work from start to finish.

This one is nearly there. I have one more addition, which came to me a couple of days ago. It needs to be there. I think. More mystery. More fun. We shall see…💚