If I Do This…

…it changes everything.

Without it, I have a lovely, illustration-based, stitchwork with a hint of Dr. Seuss in a landscape where Tree-flowers grow. I have often drawn these types of places, magical worlds where color riots and trees grow in wonky shapes. A place of delight and fancy.

But the minute I add a figure, the story changes. Or perhaps I should say that it deepens. All of a sudden we are wondering why she is there? How did she get there? Has she come aside from her busy life to sit under the Tree-flowers and rest or ponder the beauty around her or the worries in her life? And what is that book in her lap? A novel? A writing journal? A sketchbook? The presence of a person adds so much more to wonder about and allows us to linger with the image and perhaps even consider our place in the scene…what would we do if given the opportunity to walk in a land such as this?

I’ll leave you today with these ponderings even as I myself walk into the days’ activities having spent time under the Tree-flowers.๐Ÿ’š

For more photos and a little video of this piece, check Instagram @thesilverdapple.๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿงต