Small Patches

Here I am again, in this stitching place, that intersection of so many things I enjoy creatively. Why I’m not wanting to post on my main website and blog, I do not know. Something about this being a small space, limited to just stitches on fabric… or perhaps it feels like I can breathe here and type the words that are dancing around on the tip of my tongue, the edges of my mind and heart.

February is just over the ridge, as in tomorrow! It feels like an invitation to be slower, just as I tend to slow down in the pronunciation of the word February…wrapping my mouth around the odd extra “r”. It may not be necessary to pronounce that letter crammed in there with the others, and so it may not be necessary to slow down, but I shall take it as a way to move through an in-between month. Deep winter days sandwiched in between the big holidays of Christmas/New Years and the promise of Spring which is, at least around these parts, thought to begin teasing us in March. February…yes, a month for slow making.

I’m thinking of participating in #threaduary which was started by a favorite stitcher named Marna Lunt. It seems fairly broad and open to include any type of stitching each day in the month of February. Small patches of fabric layered, just a few, will be lovely to sink into each day with needle and thread. I won’t set a bar so high of completing a patch every day, but rather in true S L O W form… work as I can, even if it is only a few stitches a day on the same patch all month long. I have a feeling there will be more than one!

I’d also like to write a bit here about the wonders of this crazy work of needle and thread, which of all the things I enjoy making, seems to be the slowest, with little to no real purpose attached. I’m not knitting a sweater to wear, or journaling a moment in drawings, or weaving cloth for a wrap or scarf, or even spinning wool to weave or knit. All these things have some direct “purpose”, however small. It’s a bit harder for me to see a purpose for embroidered patches other than the inherent goodness that stitching brings, and to add to my pile of stitched fragments which may someday find their purpose, but for now are rolled up in a burgeoning scroll.

It is indeed an intersection of Life and Art…an in-between place where we may stand and scratch our heads wondering which path to walk down next. Hand stitching is good work for wonderment and musing, so let us pick up our threaded needles and dive into the fabric of February! It’ll be good for our hearts, perhaps mending a few patches along the way.

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