Stitched Ruts

I sit outside to stitch today, enjoying a spring-like temperature here in the middle of winter. Running the needle along hidden furrows on my small patch cause me to remember the muddy ruts a tractor has made in the fields just outside of our neighborhood. My youngest daughter and I picked our way across some of these ruts today to walk around a corn field. There is no corn there now, nor eye-high plants, but there will be this summer and in the autumn a maze will be cut through for Fall Festivals.

My mind wanders to these pleasant memories as the needle moves up and down, in and out of layers of scraps. This top layer is from a thrift store dress that I reconfigured for a better fit last spring, leaving me with some lovely pieces to work into hand-stitched fragments. It already has a striking embroidered motif in white thread so I shall work with that, around it, maybe though it, but only a little. Some things do not need much embellishment…they breathe beauty all on their own.

I’m using two strands of floss and what a delight it is in my hands. My go-to pearl floss can be too thick sometimes, especially when batik fabric is involved. Two strands of regular floss is quite perfect to pull through the layers without strain. Arched half-circles, each growing out of the other around the edges of this patch…as if a tractor has been here.

And what next? I try not to get too bogged down in this question. That forward pull of future unknowns keeps me from enjoying the stitches I am making. It is best to gingerly pick my across across this patch and not get mired down in the muddy rut of what’s next. I let thoughts of a button just here in that cradled arc, a ribbon through the slots, and perhaps pops of orange dotted here and there be held lightly in my mind. I don’t want to run away from here too quickly…I want to stay with two-stranded arches of varied greens. My needle seems to like making these stitched ruts, not of winter mud, but of the greens of Spring!

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